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Picture Story Books (Set of 10 Books)


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Titles are:
Had a Tractor
Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School
Harry and the Robots
Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy
Rain, Rain, Smurf Away
Christopher Nibble
My Adventures with Winnie the Pooh
How Peggy the Much Wenlock Piglet
Mungo and the Spiders from Space
At the end of the Rainbow

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1 in stock

Had a Tractor: Nicola Baxter
Now, here’s Old MacDonald’s farm complete with dogs, ducks, hens, cats and all. Except the stories are all new.

The author has woven stories around the very familiar Old MacDonald with a wry sense of humor.

Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School: Ian Whybrow
It’s the first day of school! Harry is nervous because he isn’t sure what to expect. Triceratops is even more nervous, especially when Harry must leave the dinosaurs in the coatroom. But soon Harry sees another boy who is the most nervous of all. He clings to his toy bulldozer and won’t talk to anyone in the class. Harry wonders what he can do. Perhaps the new boy will talk to dinosaurs. . . .

Harry and the Robots: Ian Whybrow
Read all about Harry before he discovered his famous ‘Bcketful of Dinosaurs’

Harry’s robot has to go to the robot hospital to get fixed. So Nan and Harry decide to make their own robot while he’s being mended. Then when Nan has to go into hospital (to get mended as well), Harry knows exactly what to do to help her get better!

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy: Lynley Dodd
Hairy Maclary goes off for a walk with a few of his friends – and comes up against a nasty surprise, in the shape of the cat Scarface Claw, who chases the dogs away.

Rain, Rain, Smurf Away: Peyo
Handy Smurf After days of endless rain, Handy Smurf decides to smurf up a weather machine to make the rain go away in this charming 8×8 story. But what happens when Farmer Smurf and Poet Smurf get their hands on the machine—and can’t decide what the new weather should be?

Christopher Nibble: Charlotte Middleton
Christopher Nibble loves munching dandelion leaves. And he’s not alone. All the guinea pigs in Dandeville eat dandelion leaves for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But no-one seems to do anything when the dandelions begin to dwindle. They just carry on munching. In fact the guinea pigs of Dandeville are heading for eco-disaster . . . But that’s where Christopher Nibble steps in. He discovers the last dandelion growing outside his bedroom window and, rather than eat it, he does his horticultural research in the library and then nurtures the dandelion patiently until it has produced a perfect head of tiny seeds. Then he blows the seeds from a hill high over Dandeville so that each dandelion seedling takes root and grows into a new plant. Charlotte Middleton has illustrated her witty, quirky story with charming collage illustrations and her guinea pigs are the most endearing, funky little characters you are ever likely to meet.

How Peggy the Much Wenlock Piglet: Jocelyne Adams
How could a small piglet possibly play a part in the Wenlock Olympian Games? It’s hard to imagine…but this tale is based on a true story.

Mungo and the Spiders from Space: Timothy, Knapman
3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . BLAST OFF!

Set your controls for the SPACE ADVENTURE of a LIFETIME!

Will Captain Galacticus escape from the treacherous web?
Who will foil Dr Frankenstinker’s dastardly plan?
How can Mungo give this story a happy ending?

At the end of the Rainbow: A.H. Benjamin
There’s treasure at the end of the rainbow! Badger and Fox set out to find it. With the help of Squirrel, Mother Duck and Old Hare they do indeed find treasure – of a very special kind.

A charming picture book all about friendship and not being greedy, perfect for little ones.

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