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Thomas & Friends Series (Set of 9 Books)


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Titles are:
Bubble Trouble
Race to the Rescue!.

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This is the story about Bertie the bus. Bertie and Thomas both think they can go fastest. They just can’t agree, so they decide to have a race to settle the argument once and for all…

This is a story about Elizabeth the Vintage Sentinal Lorry. Sadly, she was left to rust in a shed for a long time. Find out what happened when Thomas’ Driver found her there …

Bubble Trouble:
Thomas has a very important Special Delivery for Mr Bubbles the clown. But does Thomas have what it takes to do the job?

Oliver, the Great Western Engine, is about to be scrapped by his owner, when some new friends come to his rescue!

This listing is for Caroline the Car! Caroline has a placid nature, and does not like being pushed along the road too fast. She prefers the gentleness of narrow country roads where she can only be driven at 20MPH!

This is a story about Jack the Front Loader. When he came to the Island of Sodor, he couldnt wait to get to work at the Quarry. But rushing in too quickly got him into trouble with the rest of The Pack…

This is a story about Salty the Dockyard Diesel. He loved working by the sea, so he didnt think he would like it when i sent him to work at the Quarry. But as it turned out, he was very good with the trucks…

Another exciting tale from the Really Useful Engines on the Island of Sodor. This time, it’s all about Boco.

Race to the Rescue!:
Flynn is a very special fire engine – he can go on the roads and the rails! Wherever there’s a fire on Sodor, Flynn can get there to save the day. But when his road wheels go all wobbly, his confidence wavers, too. Then a fire breaks out in The Fat Controller’s shed, but it can only be reached by road. Will Flynn be able to race to the rescue?

Product Details:

Paperback: 32 page
Age Range: 2 years and up
Publisher: Egmont (5 July 2013)
Language: English
Package Dimensions: 14.6 x 13.2 x 0.4 cm
Book Condition: Very Good.