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The Bible Codes (Box Set): Act of God; The Arcadian Cipher; The Moses Legacy, The Tutankhamun Deception; The Marian Conspiracy


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The Bible Codes (Box Set): Act of God; The Arcadian Cipher; The Moses Legacy, The Tutankhamun Deception; The Marian Conspiracy

Graham Philips; Peter Blake; Paul S Blezard; Gerald O’Farrell

Bible Codes Written by Graham Philips. This Set Includes 5 books and the titles are

  1. Act of God
  2. The Arcadian Cipher
  3. The Moses Legacy
  4. The Tutankhamun Deception
  5. The Marian Conspiracy

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8 in stock

Act of God
by Graham Phillips

Few know that the face on the famous death mask of Tutankhamen is not his at all. This book reveals an historical mystery which overturns Ancient Egyptian chronology, and also provides evidence that the Parting of the Red Sea and Plagues of Egypt in the Bible are accounts of actual events.

The Arcadian Cipher
by Peter Blake

Peter Blake has found recurrent geometrical themes in the paintings of Poussin, Leonardo and other great masters. For instance, by overlaying the grids found in key paintings on maps of the Languedoc, he has pinpointed a never-before-discovered hill tomb. If the clues are right, this could be the final resting place of two of the most significant characters in the Bible.

The Moses Legacy: In Search of the Origins of God
by Graham Phillips

If Moses really existed he would be arguably history’s most influential figure, the founder of the great monotheistic religions of the world. But was he a real person, and if so, when did he live?

The Tutankhamun Deception: The True Story of the Mummy’s Curse
by Gerald O’Farrell

The discovery and excavation of Tutankhamun’s tomb is one of the most famous archeological finds in history. But compelling evidence suggests the story we know is a sham—Howard Carter and Lord Carnavon actually discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb several years before they told the world they did, looted it. re-sealed it, then led the world’s media back to the site to claim their place in history. This book tells the story of the skullduggery that went on in the Valley of the Kings and how the famous Mummy’s Curse, far from being something mystical, could well have been a systematic way of getting rid of those who were about to blow the cover on the secret of the find, and the secrets of the tomb.

The Marian Conspiracy: The Hidden Truth About the Holy Grail, the Real Father of Christ and the Tomb of the Virgin Mary
by Graham Phillips

In 1929 the Holy Inquisition seized a secret communique from a senior bishop to the Roman emperor when Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire in 325AD, and hid it in the Vatican’s most sealed files. Graham Phillips’ research in linking together the pieces of this puzzle at the heart of Western civilization has not only uncovered an extraordinary conspiracy, but also a wealth of new evidence pointing to the Jesus who did exist, and what became of his mother and early followers. Further, by identifying who the earliest Christians really were, he has possibly uncovered the resting place of Mary. This powerful story, which knits together historical analysis, archaeology, science and documentary evidence as never before, has opened up a whole new door of historical exploration.

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