Parsifal’s Page (Squire’s Tales)


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Piers is desperate to become a page to escape the dirty, tedious labour of his father’s blacksmith shop. So when a knight arrives announcing that he’s on “the quest”, Piers begs to go along. Off on a series of adventures he never dreamed possible, Piers and the knight quickly run into difficulties.

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34 in stock

The knight is slain by Parsifal who is on a quest of his own. Parsifal is unlike anyone Piers has ever met. He doesn’t behave in a knightly fashion at all. Slowly, Piers realizes that being a knight has nothing to do with shining armour and winning jousts. And, as their journey continues, they find that to achieve their quest they must learn more than knighthood: they must learn about themselves. It is a tour de force of humour, action, magic, and true love.

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Author: Gerald Morris
Paperback: 255 pages
Publisher: Kingfisher Books Ltd
Language: English
ISBN-10: 753410087
ISBN-13: 9780753410080
Book Condition: New.