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Titles are:
National Curriculum Mathemantica age 8-9
National Curriculum Visitors from Another Planet age 7-8
Home Study Helpers Reasoning ?
Maths Number Skills
Developing Literacy Sentence lever Year 2
Abacus Shape, Data and Measures
Learning to Spell
English Made easy age 3-5
Easy learning Starting School age 3-5
Wild about Maths age 3-5 Numbers
Let’s Learn at home English writing 5-6
English Basics age 4-5
Reading Readiness age 4-6
Mw Educational Mathematics Volume 2 age 11+

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National Curriculum Mathemantica age 8-9:
Head start for the National curriculum Provides your child with the building blocks for progress…

National Curriculum Visitors from Another Planet age 7-8:
Head start for the National curriculum Provides your child with the building blocks for progress…

Home Study Helpers Reasoning ?:
A unique blend of age-appropriate tracing and writing activities are combined with puzzles to make learning fun while helping kindergarteners build logic and critical thinking skills and develop lifelong learning confidence.

Maths Number Skills:
The Ladybird Learn, Practise and Test books are Specially written for children at key stage One of the National Curriculum. Using an Enjoyable and structured approach, the Learn books help to build skills, the Practise books reinforce those Skills, while lots of test practice can be found in the Test books.

Developing Literacy Sentence lever Year 2:
This activity book for Year 3 Literacy Hour is one of a series covering the sentence-level objectives in the National Literacy Strategy framework for teaching from Year R to Year 6. It is photocopiable and aims to develop children’s grammatical awareness; includes activities which focus on sentence construction; the roles of different kinds of words and punctuation; promotes independent work; has extension activities which reinforce and develop what the children have learned and includes notes for teachers.

Abacus Shape, Data and Measures:
This textbook allows independent practice of mathematical skills. It presents the concepts at an appropriate reading level. Activities with an investigative or process-skill focus encourage creative and mathematical thinking. Problem-solving is included.

Learning to Spell:
Alphabet Sounds A Practice workbook to help your child with Spelling…

English Made easy age 3-5:
This book helps children look closely at objects, shapes, letters and words, and develop the visual recognition skills they will need as beginners readers.

Easy learning Starting School age 3-5:
Build skills in Preparation for school
Boost confidence
Develop a love of learning.

Wild about Maths age 3-5 Numbers:
Children will enjoy using this fun and motivating animal-themed activity book. Packed with amazing animal facts, children can explore the wider-world and learn new skills along the way.

Covering key areas of the Early Years preschool curriculum, this book is an ideal purchase if you are looking for an engaging and interesting way to help improve your child’s number skills.

• Accessible animal-themed activities which support learning at school to help improve number skills
• Fun approach to learning with engaging and motivating content that children will love to do at home

Let’s Learn at home English writing 5-6:
This is an activity book for children to complete at home with the support of their parents. It identifies ten vital steps to improve letter shapes, to use capitals for names, to write sentences and to improve spelling which are all important for KS1 SATs. It is intended to build on school learning and provide valuable home-school links. The book has a coloured pull-out and merit stickers to help make learning fun.

English Basics age 4-5:
Parental Guidance. Early Support For Starting School. English Made Easy. the second photograph (back of the book).

Reading Readiness age 4-6:
Long or short, big or tall, when I read, I can learn it all! Just think how excited your child will be when he or she is ready to read, just like the big kids! We all know that there is no ability more essential to your child’s school success than reading. Starting with identifying sizes and shapes and growing all the way to matching sentences with pictures, your young explorer will soon learn there’s a whole world out there ready to jump off the page when one can read. Matching, classifying, understanding letter sounds, recognizing words, determining story order…it’s all here in this 64-page workbook. What a great way to get started with the School Zone Workbook Advantage™!

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