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Activity book Look and Finding books (Set of 7 Books)


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Titles are:
Where’s Wally?
Where’s Wally? The Ultimate fun Book!
Where’s Wally? The Great Picture Hunt!
Where’s Wally? In HollyWood
Where’s Wally? The Fantastic Journey
Usborne The Great History Search
Find The Lion King and other charcters.

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1 in stock

Where’s Wally? The Ultimate fun Book!:
The man in the striped sweater, round glasses, and hat returns, joined by his new girlfriend, Wilma, and her dog, Woof, in a new collection of busy scenes in which to locate Waldo, plus press-outs, stickers, games, and puzzles.

Where’s Wally? The Great Picture Hunt!:
Ever the globe-trotter, Waldo is eager to show you his pictures. But not so fast — you have to find them first! Enter Odlaw’s Picture Gallery and admire thirty peculiar portraits, then try to track down their subjects in the maddeningly intricate scenes that follow. And your challenge is just beginning! There are hidden characters and objects to hunt for, spot-the-difference spreads, silhouettes to match with originals, and plenty more. Happy hunting — it’s truly an art!

Where’s Wally? In HollyWood:
Hey, Waldo fans! Sharpen your eyes and your wits, because Waldo is taking you on a whole new star-studded adventure. That’s right, you’re going to Hollywood! Follow Waldo—if you can find him—through a cast of thousands on the bustling streets of the great movie classics. Is he there in the chorus line of that musical in production, or up on the ramparts of that epic war film? Or is our elusive, bespectacled hero right in the middle of the swashbuckling escapades of the Three Musketeers? Waldo and all his lost objects are harder to find than ever in this hilarious new challenge for eager Waldo-hunters everywhere!

Where’s Wally? The Fantastic Journey:
The elusive little guy you loved as a kid has ventured into an affordable new format, ready to boggle a new generationl. Now he’s easier to carry around — but just as hard as ever to find!

Usborne The Great History Search:
Information about different historical periods is accompanied by scenes in which readers can search for hidden people, artifacts, and other details.

Find The Lion King and other charcters:
Find your favourite characters from The lion King – Disney’s uplifting tale of adventure and friendship – in this fun – filled book.
Search the colourful and detailed scenes for Simba, Nala, Zazu, their friends – and enemies – plus many other hidden animals and objects. Then turn to the back of the book for even more picture puzzling!
Find the lion king and other characters will keep disney fans of all ages happy for hours. Look out for the other terrific titles in this series – Find the Little Mermaid and Find Pocahontas.

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Publisher: Multipel Publisher
Language: English
Book Condition: Very Good.